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 2005 Reno Race Saturday, March 24, 2018   
2005 Reno National Air Races
454.2 mph


Pipsqueak is being race prepped by Dave Cannavo of Aero Enterprises, Inc. 
Race Pilot:   John Penney
Race Engineering:   Aero Enterprises/ Dave Cannavo
Race Sponsors:

  • National Education
  • Aero Enterprises
  • Warbirds of Delaware

Delaware Warbirds Racing Pipsqueak 2005 Jet Class Winner!

Competitor’s Drag/Weight Attempt to Slow Pipsqueak down

The Winning Team


From Left to Right:

Inspiration: Elaine “Pip” Concklin
Owner/Pilot: Joseph “Joe” Gano
Race Engineer/Pilot: David “Bear” Cannavo
Race Pilot:  John “J.C.” Penney

Race Crew:

   David “Bear” Cannavo
   David Cannavo, Jr.


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