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One of the highest performance subsonic jet warbirds available, the Viper is easily the world’s fastest L-29.  In 2008 Curt Brown and Mike Mangold racing Aero Enterprises vipers finished 1st and 2nd at the 2008 Reno National Air Races, clocking 507 and 499 mph, respectively.  Curt qualified at 525 mph on the 8.4 mile closed course. In 2009 Curt set a record qualifying speed of 538 mph and won with a speed of 514, with Mike Mangold close behind.  Click here for more about Vipers and the Reno Air Races. 


  • Vastly improved thrust to weight
  • Low cost: Purchase a complete aircraft or convert your own plane.
  • With a 70% increase in thrust, no weight penalty and a 15% increase in improvement in specific fuel consumption, you will experience a dramatic increase in:
    • Takeoff Performance
    • Climb Rate
    • Operational Ceiling
    • Range and Endurance
    • Maneuvering Energy

(Full internal fuel, one pilot)

  T.O. Weight: 7,000 LB  7,000 LB  7,000 LB
  Engine: MOTORLET 701  RR VIPER 540  RR VIPER 601
  Thrust: 1,960 LB  3,340 LB  3,750 LB
  Max Speed: 400 MPH/Mach .75 (air frame limited)  540 MPH/Mach .75 (air frame limited)  540 MPH/Mach .75 (air frame limited)
  Time to 15,000 Ft.: 7 minutes  < 2 minutes  < 1.5 minutes
  Ceiling: 27,000 Ft.  45,000+ Ft.  45,000+ Ft.
  Cost: $50,000  $125,000  $140,000
  With your plane: N/A  $75,000  $90,000


Click here to see the Viper Flight Demonstration

Click here for a Cockpit Video of the Viper racing at Reno.

The Bottom Line

If you have ever engaged in ACM with an L-39 vs your stock L-29 you know you can out turn it, but the L-39 will out climb and out run you. An experienced L-29 pilot won’t lose to an L-39, but he/she won’t win either.

In contrast, your Viper will out turn, out climb and out run an L-39.  The only corner of the envelope left for the L-39 to hide is in a terminal dive.

Be the first to have the edge...

Aero Enterprises has acquired a limited supply of Viper engines to make this superb aircraft available to you.

Our L-29 is available for:

  • Flight Test
  • Pre-purchase Flights
  • Type Training
  • Upset Training
  • Air Shows

Lease Rate:  $750/ Flight Dry


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