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 Harvard Military Aviators » Current Aviators Saturday, March 24, 2018   




 Class of 2017


Lt. Headrick strapped in for launch

Lt. Headrick at 10,000 ft



7.3 on the G-meter confirms Lt. Headrick's qualification for the Warbirds of Delaware 7G Club

Lt. Holland  strapping in





Pipsqueak and ground crew at engine start





 UASF 2nd Lt. Kira Headrick

UASF 2nd Lt. John Holland


Lt. John Holland, Joe Gano and Lt. Headrick
Joe Gano congratulating Lt. Headrick on joining the Warbirds of Delaware 7G Club

Joe Gano congratulating Lt. Holland on joining the Warbirds of Delaware 7G Club




Class of 2016

Marine Lt. Frank Davis completes his flight in a T-6 as a Naval Aviator

Lt. Frank Davis' first solo, 6/9/2017

Lt. Carolyn Pushaw's first solo, 6/24/2017 






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