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 Reno Air Races » Pipsqueak at Reno Monday, November 30, 2020   

Pipsqueak at the Reno National Air Races
The World’s Fastest L-39
Delaware Warbirds Racing has raced Pipsqueak at the Reno National Air Races since 2005, winning Jet Class Championship in 2005 and 2006.  Flying the World’s Fastest L39, Joe Gano qualified Pipsqueak in 2008 at 502 mph and at 525 mph in 2009.  Joe finished 3rd in 2008, 2009 and 2010, all at speeds of over 500 mph!  After being forced out of the 2011 and 2012 races, for what? Speeding! We are now preparing for the 2013 races.




The Pipsqueak Story

Serial No: 0105
Reg No: N4213A

Link here for exciting video of the 2006 race from the cockpit of Dave Morss' "Tejas Pistol-areos"
Pipsqueak appears occasionally as a small dot in the distance in front of Dave.


Reno National Air Races

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Banned Again! Too Fast for Old Men.


Banned for Speeding, too fast for Reno!


3rd Place 506 mph

Qualifying: 514 mph

Race Pilot: Joe Gano


3rd Place 508 mph

Qualifying:  525 mph

Fastest time ever recorded for an L-39

Race Pilot:  Joe Gano

 3rd Place 481 mph
Qualifying: 502 mph

Race Pilot:  Joe Gano
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 2nd Place 488 mph
2 MPH off the lead

Qualifying: 490 mph

Race Pilots: John Penney and Curt Brown
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470 mph
(486 mph - fastest lap time)
Race Pilot: John Penney
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454 mph
Race Pilot: John Penney
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Pipsqueak is race prepped by Dave Cannavo of Aero Enterprises, Inc. 

Race Engineering: Aero Enterprises/ Dave Cannavo
Race Sponsors:   Aviation Classics
National Education
Aero Enterprises



L-39C Pipsqueak
Charter Member of Reno's Exclusive 500 MPH Club!
Pilots: Joe Gano and Curt Brown

Year Qualifying MPH Race MPH Finish
2012 Banned Again, Too Fast for Old Men
2011 Banned: Too Fast For Reno!
2010  514  506 3rd
2009  525  508 3rd
2008 502  481 3rd
2007 494 486 2nd
2006  469*  470* 1st
2005 457 454* 1st

  *Course record

The Pipsqueak Story
Read about the inspiration behind the name, information about the plane and pilot.



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