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Warbird Sales + Services

We can assist you in acquiring any type of Soviet Warbird, from WWII bombers and transports to modern day fighters and trainers.  We can locate aircraft in former Soviet states for restoration, or find you a plane already in the US.

Warbirds we specialize in include:

  • MiG-23 

  • MiG-21 

  • SU-25

  • L-29

  • L-39

  • TU-2

  • AN 2

  • YAK 52 


We provide all aspects of the acquisition process:

  • Identifying an appropriate aircraft

  • Prepurchase inspection

  • Disassembly and shipping (if necessary)

  • State Department, BATF and Customs clearance (if necessary)

  • Modifications, restoration, paint and radios as desired

  • Registration 

  • FAA Certification

  • Operating Limits

  • Maintenance Manuals

  • Pilot's operating handbook

  • Flight testing

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