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Let Warbirds of Delaware help you realize your dream of owning and flying an L-39. 

With our affiliate, Aero Enterprises, we can provide you with by far the most value for your aircraft dollars. Whether you want a base L-39, or one with your choice of a wide range of options, we are proven to be best able to meet your needs.

If you elect to go for race performance, we can inexpensively prepare a race-ready L-39 that offers the following:

  • The same air-conditioned, comfortable ride of the base L-39 

  • 20% Better Fuel Economy 

  • 9% more Thrust 

  • 40% better time to climb 

  • Ceiling over 45,000 ft 

  • 100% More Fun


(Full internal fuel, one pilot)

                                            Standard             L-39Race Prepared

Empty Weight:                     7,400 lbs            6,500 lbs

Engine:                                 AI-25.                  AI-25

Thrust:                                  3972 lbs.             4330 lbs (E)

Thrust/Wt.                            .54                       .67

Max Speed at 5,000 ft:       400 mph.            500 mph

Time to 15,000 ft:                5.0 minutes.        Less than 2 minutes

Ceiling:                                 33,000 ft.            45,000 + ft

Cost:                                     $180 - 300,000.  $240 - 350,000




The World’s Fastest L-39
Delaware Warbirds Racing has raced Pipsqueak at the Reno National Air Races since 2005, winning the Jet Class Championship in 2005 and 2006. Flying the World’s Fastest L39, Joe Gano qualified Pipsqueak in 2008 at 502 mph and finished 3rd in the Gold Race at 481 mph.  In 2009 Joe qualified Pipsqueak at 525 mph and again finished 3rd behind the Vipers at 508 mph.  We are now preparing for the 2010 races. For more information on Pipsqueak’s race history and The Cancer Care Connection, click here.

Our L-39 is available for:

  • Flight Test 

  • Pre-purchase Flights 

  • Type Training 

  • Upset Training 

  • Air Shows 


Lease Rate:  $1,250/Flight Dry

Aero Enterprises L-39 Winglet

The Aero Enterprises L-39 Winglet:  the only L-39 winglet flight tested to ensue optimal ar flow for Maximum fuel efficiency at cruise and maximum power (approximately 16%)

The Aero winglets will pay for themselves from the savings in fuel costs after 1-2 years of normal flying.

In addition the Aero Winglets dramatically improve aircraft performance and handling throughout all flight regimes. You will experience:

  • Optimal aerobatic controllability 

  • Easier controllability for formation flight

  • Maximum speed under pylon racing  conditions

  • Maximum speed in 1 G flight

  • Maximum L-39 roll rate (3.5 seconds/360 degrees vs. stock 5.0 seconds)

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