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RENO 2010

2010 was another winning year for Warbirds of Delaware and Aero Enterprises.  For the first time the Jet Class flew two heats, Gold and Silver.

In the Gold Heat, once again, Curt Brown set a qualifying record of 543 MPH, the fastest speed ever recorded at Reno. He then recorded a fastest ever race speed of 522 MPH in Friday's race.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 3.03.16 PM.png

For the 2nd straight year, all first three racers clocked in at over 500 MPH.

For the third straight year, all three top finishers were engineered by Dave Cannavo's Aero Enterprises.

Aero Enterprises also has engineered the top three finishers in the new Silver Heat.



1st Cliff Magee                              Race 25 "Violated" (L-39C)               443 MPH


2nd Heather "Lucky" Penney      Race 21 "Raju Grace" (L-29)              411 MPH


3rd John Kokshoom                     Race 11 "Screaming Eagle" (L-39).    408 MPH


The Silver race featured five rookies and our first female racer, Heather Penney, a 2000 hour F-16 pilot and 2 tour Iraqi veteran.

YOU CAN AFFORD AN L-29 or an L-39!

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