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2020 Reno Air Races

Sadly, the Reno National Air races, normally held each September, have been cancelled for 2020.

Warbirds of Delaware had been planning on two entries this year. First, our trusty stock L-29, SLUGGO, continues to soldier on near the back of the pack. 

This year we were ready to bring back Race 77, the Viper. The Viper holds the absolute course record at Reno with a 544 MPH lap, but had been banned for political reasons. This year, we bowed to political pressure and re-engined Race 77 with a Pratt and Whitney J60. This engine has been approved by the FAA and the Race officials for racing. We expect it to approach the record speeds Race 77 attained with its RR Viper engine.  Testing is complete. All we need now is a race!

In addition, we continue to make every effort to get Race 2, Pipsqueak, re-instated as acceptable for racing. Race 2 holds the fastest Reno lap time ever recorded for an L-39 at 525 MPH, and is a crowd favorite. Pipsqueak flies regularly and just awaits removal of its politicized ban.

The Warbirds of Delaware Team is looking forward to seeing you at the 2021 races.

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