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2022 Race Results


DE Warbirds Racing’s continuing dominant performance in 2022 was

overshadowed by the death of one of our favorite racers, Aaron Hogue, in

Sunday’s Gold race. Out entire team offers its condolences to Aaron’s family.

As of this date (10/2/2022), official results have not been posted, but we

anticipate it will be as follows:


After 15 years of racing Pipsqueak, the Viper and SLIGGO, Joe Gano has retired,

with rookie Matt Conklin taking over piloting duties for SLUGGO this year.

Matt had a great week, winning Saturday’s Bronze Race. That allowed him to

bump up to Sunday’s Silver, where he took 5 th place, a great performance for a




For the second year in a row, Pete Stavrides found himself in an incredibly tight

race for Sunday’s Gold, this time with Aaron Hogue. Pete had just passed Aaron

at Pylon 5 on lap 3 when Aaron suffered a fatal mishap. Very shortly after, with

Pete in the lead, the race was cancelled. In accordance with virtually all motor

racing protocols, we anticipate this finish will be officially a win for Pete and a

DNF for Aaron. Again, our deepest sympathy to Aaron’s family.



Link to asccident analysis by Warren Brown

2022 Air Races

Coming off a 2021 win, the 4 th in five tries for The Viper, Pete Stavrides will try to repeat his

2021 performance, winning with the first 500+ MPH time at Reno in years. 77 has received

several upgrades and should be even faster this year.

After 15 years of racing, where his team has garnered an unprecedented 6 Jet Class wins, Joe

Gano is handing off Jet 6, SLUGGO, to a new teammate, rookie Matt Conklin. Matt is an

experienced pilot with over 5,000 hours in several types of prop aircraft. He has done a great

job in training, and we look forward to him keeping up SLUGGO’s reputation for being the

slowest jet racer, but never finishing last.

Again, Race 2, Pipsqueak, Reno’s fastest L-39, remains banned for no good reason. For those

of you on Microsoft Flight Simulator, there is a version of the Jet Class races. Microsoft

knows a good thing, and Pipsqueak remains the dominant Jet Class racer on its app.


The Warbirds of Delaware team is amped up for another winning year, and hopes to see you

at the races!

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